Update: 2/23/2023

Visiting Hours (North Wing)

24 hours per day by appointment please contact Randi at 585-798-8120

Visiting Guidelines

All visitors will be screened for covid before entering the unit

All visitors should Enter the hospital through the Main Entrance

Max of 2 visitors per patient

Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older

Surgical Mask must be worn and social distancing is to be observed at all times during visit

Visits will take place in the North Wing Sun Room, on the North Wing Porch, outside weather-permitting or in the resident room with the privacy curtain used

To Enter the Unit visitors should utilize hand sanitizer at the door and then ring the doorbell for assistance

Visitors must present negative test result and completed screening form to staff at the door for review prior to entry

Visitors must remain at their designated visiting space during their visit

Visitors may not wheel Residents in their wheelchairs

Staff will assist visitors with exiting the unit. Visitors should utilize hand sanitizer upon exiting the unit


Any visitor who is non-compliant with the above guidelines will be asked to leave immediately and will be prohibited from visiting.