General Visiting

We believe that visitation of family and friends should be as least restrictive as possible. Visiting hours are unlimited, except in certain circumstances. On a case by case basis, limitations may need to be made due to the clinical condition of the patient or at a patient’s request. In addition, care giving by family members is encouraged, at the discretion of the family and patient. For the safety and security of patients, families and staff, all visitors must sign in at the front desk. You will receive a visitor’s badge to be displayed on a visible article of clothing throughout your visit. Visitation is open to two visitors at a time. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Families of surgical patients are provided with a waiting area on the third floor. A surgical information volunteer is available. In Same Day Surgery, only one adult visitor is permitted at bedside. Children having surgery may have two adult visitors.

Emergency Department

Visitors may be permitted, but when necessary to carry out the patient’s treatment they may be asked to move to the waiting room. Emergency Department staff will keep visitors informed of the patient’s condition.