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Transitional Care Unit: A Subacute Rehab Center

Don't just get better, get the BEST!

Orleans Community Health’s Transitional Care Unit is here for your short-term subacute rehab stay!

After surgery or illness, it’s your choice where to go for your rehab stay. Talk to your hospital discharge planner and let them know that you want the BEST and choose Orleans Community Health.

Patient care photo from Medina Memorial Hospital. This nurse is caring for a patient in the subacute rehab in Medina, NY.

Contact our admissions team at (585) 798-8122.

What We Offer:

  • A seamless admission process from your hospital to our rehab facility
  • Our rehab unit exists within our hospital, so have the ability to meet almost any patient care need
  • Physical, Occupational and/or Speech Therapy up to seven days a week
  • Registered Nurses caring for you 24/7
  • Medical Provider onsite 24/7
  • Onsite Emergency Department
  • Spacious private rooms
  • Quiet country setting

Orleans Community Health’s TCU offers a special caring environment for patients who no longer require all the resources of an acute care hospital, but who are still in need of special care before going home. The average length of stay for our TCU patient is 10-14 days. After this time, the patient returns home, or referrals are made to an approval facility. Orleans Community Health – Medina Memorial Hospital is the ideal location to receive subacute rehab in Medina, NY. 

Patient testimonial from Medina Memorial Hospital about the subacute rehab in Medina, NY.