A Home

A nursing home isn’t just a facility where care is provided – it really is a home for its residents. Medina Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Home (commonly referred to as North Wing) is a home to elderly citizens in our community. We strive to make it a place where the comfort of home comes first, with quality nursing care supporting this home environment.


Dignity and Respect 

When you entrust the care of your elderly loved ones to others, you want to know that they will be cared for with dignity and respect. At our Skilled Nursing Home we have a core set of beliefs about resident’s rights that are the foundation of their care:

  • They will be treated with dignity, self-determination, and respect.
  • They will be given full recognition of their individuality.
  • They will be given consideration and privacy in treatment.
  • They will have all personal needs are met.
  • They will have access to any desired communication with anyone they wish.
  • These rights are at the center of the daily care of our residents. Individual care plans are developed according to the specific needs of each resident.


Our activities program is designed to increase the quality of life for each of our residents by allowing them to be as active and involved as they wish. Activities are offered daily, and residents can choose which to attend. These activities include field trips, weekly BINGO, crafts, and more.


Renovations to our facility are complete, which help create as much of a homelike atmosphere as possible for those who come to live with us. The renovation includes new furnishings in the resident rooms, energy-efficient windows, an updated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to enhance the comfort of residents, and a new sprinkler system for improved safety. A new four-season room has been added to give residents year-round access to a warm, comfortable public setting for social interaction with other residents and visitors. A new nursing station was added to provide for better visual monitoring of residents.

Star Rating

We are a 5 Star Rated facility recognized by the Federal Government.  This is a result of our amazing staff and their efforts at providing the very best care to our residents.  Star ratings are based on annual Health and Safety inspections, Resident Care and Outcomes, and Staffing Levels.  We score well above many nursing homes in all of these areas, designating us as one of the best….5 Stars!

New York State Quality Indicators

To help ensure the highest standards of care, quality indicators are monitored on an ongoing basis, with data submitted to the New York State Department of Health for comparison with peer group performance.  We are ranked higher than State and National averages for these Quality Measures.

Skilled Nursing Care Before Returning Home

Some people need skilled nursing care between treatment provided in the hospital setting and their return to home. Medina Memorial’s Skilled Nursing Home can provide the rehabilitative care they need to make that transition. For more information call (585) 798-8149.


In December 2021, the Orleans Hub ran this story on “extraordinary care” being provided: North Wing inspection in Medina shows ‘extraordinary care’ for residents | Orleans Hub


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