New Administrator for Skilled Nursing Facility


Tom Bloomer

Orleans Community Health has appointed Tom Bloomer as the licensed administrator for its 30 bed Skilled Nursing Facility. Tom is also the director of nutrition services and dietetics. He has worked for Orleans Community Health for seven years.


Mary Luckman

Mary Luckman, RN, BSN was also newly appointed as the nursing director for the unit. Mary most recently was the nurse manager of Medina Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room.

“We have always put the resident at the center of everything we do, and will continue to do so. It’s the reason we are here. “said Bloomer. Being ’successful’ just puts you with the rest of the pack.  We want to stand out from the rest. Our challenge continues to be learning to adapt in order to provide quality care while maintaining long term stability and success.  Many significant changes are continually occurring in skilled nursing homes. We face tremendous challenges that will need to be met going forward. More than ever it’s critical that the entire team function as one unit, putting the resident at the center of everything we do.”

Immediate plans include continuing with renovations that have already begun. A new four season room has been added to give residents year around access to a warm, comfortable public setting for social interaction with other residents and visitors. Recreation tables will be added for resident activities. With warm weather arriving, the outdoor deck adjacent to the four season room will be used to create a community vegetable garden. Residents can plant and harvest their own vegetables. The deck will also be used for outdoor grilling on Fridays.

A new nursing station is planned to provide for better visual monitoring of residents. A new dining room and kitchen area, along with the addition of a new buffet arrangement is planned to provide a more homelike dining atmosphere. Recent renovations have also included new furnishings in the resident rooms, energy efficient windows, an updated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to enhance the comfort of residents, and a new sprinkler system for improved safety.

Intravenous (IV) therapy will be provided on the Skilled Nursing Unit beginning in mid-April. In the past this service had to be performed through discharge to the Medical/Surgical Unit or the Emergency Department. The nursing staff is being trained to provide IV therapy in the Skilled Nursing Unit, therefore avoiding the need to do it elsewhere.

The Skilled Nursing Unit also continues to provide skilled nursing care to those people who need rehabilitative care between treatment provided in the hospital setting and their return to home.