Home Health Care Staff Have Joined Blue4Ben Fundraising Efforts

Orleans Community Health’s Long Term Home Health Care staff have joined Blue4Ben fundraising efforts to help pay medical costs for four year old Ben Sauer, who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma, a common form of brain cancer. Ben’s prognosis isn’t very good. He’s already had one surgery, but the tumor grew back even bigger than it was before. Thousands of people have taken on helping this young boy and his family to cover extra-ordinary medical expenses.

Wearing blue shirts and sweaters – in honor of Ben’s favorite color and the color used to tell him apart from his twin brother – thousands of people symbolically and financially threw their support behind Ben. Orleans Community Health’s Long Term Home Health Care has joined this effort with a series of professional BLUE Friday dress down days. To participate, staff are asked to make a donation of $5 each Friday during the fund raiser to benefit the BLUE FOR BEN efforts. This effort to help Ben is just one example of the many ways the Home Care staff show every day that they don’t just care for people, but about people.

You can help pay for Ben’s medical bills by clicking Blue4Ben.