The Facilities Department

The Facilities Department at OCH consists of 3 departments: Maintenance, Couriers and Security. These departments take care of the main facility and all of our off sites: Albion Walk-In Clinic, Medina and Batavia Dialysis, Community Partners, Foundation and 524 Eagle Street. They make sure that all of our sites are compliant with regulatory agencies; they … Continued

Community Partners

Community Partners is the outreach, education and marketing department for OCH. They work with schools, companies, community agencies, churches and attend numerous events to promote the array of OCH services we offer to the community. They offer education classes and support groups for topics such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s, have a Cancer Services Program for … Continued


Teresa Rucci is the Admission’s Manager at OCH. The department has several positions including: Switchboard Operators, Admission Processors and a Financial Counselor. The switchboard operators are considered to be the “HUB” of hospital. They are often the first contact someone has at our facility and customer service is one of their top priorities. They answer … Continued