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The staff at the hospital was caring, compassionate and I felt like I was in very capable hands…the care was excellent!


I am living testimony to the importance of this community based health system.


I want to thank each and every staff person for the professional and exceptional care I received around the clock while at Medina Hospital.


I was in Medina Hospital for rehab. It was comforting to be in Medina and my treatment was excellent.


Dr. Wolf is a great asset at the Albion Healthcare Center. I am very pleased with her and the current staff.


The staff encourages me. They give me the incentive to keep fighting.


I’m getting good care, I am really pleased with this place.


Everyone went above and beyond my expectations!


We would like you to know that everyone we came in contact with, Front Desk Staff, Aids, Nurses, Cleaning Crew, etc., was GREAT!


I would like to thank the staff at OCH for their wonderful, compassionate care during our mother's final days on North Wing. Everyone went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and loved.


The staff and physicians were caring, compassionate and attentive to my needs and always answered my "call light". We are so lucky to have this facility in our community.

Kim L

   A Thanksgiving message from our CEO Wendy Jacobson

I have been following November’s trend on Facebook allowing people a forum to share what they are giving thanks for this year. This year I’d like to share my list with you.

I am thankful for:

  • The Emergency Department and Lobby renovations which will positively impact our patients and the time they spend seeking those services including the upgrade in Registration which allows for patients to get to the outpatient destination more quickly
  • An outstanding Pharmacy Department and their work towards patient safety and Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Our recognition as being the first hospital to implement Hip Hop Stroke in the schools via Mackenzie Smith
  • The Facilities and Environmental Services departments that are second to none and keep this 93 year old building and our off-sites running smoothly and looking good
  • The improved Emergency Department throughput times. Our patients on average leave time has decreased by 44% over the past year
  • The Nutritional Services department which has taken patient satisfaction up a notch and truly understands the terms- patient centered care
  • The Surgical Services Department that is one of the safest in NYS and Nationally and gives great customer service
  • The Imaging Department that receives accolades weekly for their personalized care and high standards including three accreditations
  • The Laboratory Services department that has implemented two systems this year and still smiles
  • The Medical Surgical Department that challenges themselves and adopts new protocols to keep our patients receiving the best care close to home
  • The Medical Records and HIM Department that has improved turnaround time for reports and helped the hospital bill in a timely fashion – all helping the bottom line
  • The Human Resources Department that is a resource to all, ensures we are healthy and gives new co-workers the best foot forward possible
  • The Respiratory Therapy Department that treats our patients & offers calm during an anxious time
  • The Nursing Home staff who truly understands the “home” part of Nursing Home
  • The Care Management and Social Services team who help coordinate care for our patients when it is seemingly impossible
  • The Community Partners staff who always give of themselves to teach patients and our community about wellness and allows the community to see our non-acute side
  • The Dialysis staff that provides love and a sense of family to their patients every day
  • The newly designated Rural Health Clinic in Albion that is always raising the bar- patients are seen within an hour, occupational health services are provided to the community and a clinical team that always works together
  • The Rehabilitation Therapy team- PT, OT, SLP, that provide creative solutions for our residents and patients
  • The Activities staff that always looks for opportunities to improve the lives of patients and nursing home residents
  • The Purchasing Department for ordering and keeping us equipped with the supplies we need (and for finding the best prices!)
  • The Administrative Assistants for keeping us organized with our schedules, typing documents, and “everything else” we need to keep the office functioning effectively
  • Infection Control for keeping our patients, staff and visitors safe
  • The Medical Staff Services for coordinating provider requirements for NY DOH and DNV
  • The Continuous Documentation Improvement Coordinator for ensuring proper chart documentation for billing and to provide the highest level of patient care
  • The Business Office and Accounting office that are always professional, knowledgeable and truly care about the future of OCH
  • The IT department that supports all of us and successfully implemented two EMRS in 2017
  • The Medical Staff for their expertise and compassion to provide our patients with the best medical care possible
  • A very successful DNV survey
  • A dedicated and committed leadership team who manage their departments, take on additional roles/jobs, as well as filling in the gaps to ensure high quality care for our patients
  • The TWIGS and all of our volunteers who assist and support the hospital

I hope my list encourages you to think about your list and all that we truly have to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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